On This Day (12 months ago Reblog).

Words of comfort
Posted on July 9, 2013 by wbdeejay

Read this morning on a FB feed story, it connected with me:
“Sometimes we all need to be told that everything is going to be okay, don’t we?”

And I thought I don’t hear that much. Then I thought, I try to tell myself that, but I don’t think I’m very good at really listening to myself. (and *that* is a *big* realisation).

So if it comes from other people, that is good. But I’m not very good at opening up and letting people know me well enough to be telling me that.

And maybe I am so good at “coping” and “getting by” through the tough times that I barely acknowledge to myself that I would benefit from comfort or help, let alone permit others to be aware of my needs.

I think it would be good to receive that comfort, in some way, more often. (but I’m unsure how to let that happen).

But most of all, I think I need those special words to be the starting point for a discussion on just what is going on in my life, of sharing of deep down what is inside me at the time, to let the encouragement reach that scared hidden part of me that is crying out for support.


[ I wanted to re-share these thoughts from 366 days ago (yes it’s been a leap year!) because I feel they are still very relevant today and others may find them of benefit. In some ways little has changed in regards to these thoughts, but looking back at this I do see forward progress (And any positive move after the last 18 months is worth feeling good about). I am better at opening up and letting others in. I am better at hearing the support of others.

Do you need words of comfort? Do you struggle with some of the same questions or do you have similar but different questions of your own? Feel free to share with me in the comments. ]


6 thoughts on “On This Day (12 months ago Reblog).

  1. I really identify with the quote at the beginning. I’m constantly telling myself that everything will be ok, as well. It’s not just when my personal demons are acting up, but even about things at work or situations with friends. It’s not enough to tell myself that everything will be ok and, most importantly, that most of the time I’m doing a good job of working towards that ok future. I want to hear other people say it. But I think we live in a culture (at least in the US, not sure where you might be) that looks down on asking for help…


    • As you mention, I also find needing to hear other people tell me that it will be ok. So in that regard, accept it as an action you would benefit from. Repeated words and similar from a close friend have made a big difference for me over the past year. I hope you find someone who will be able to provide the reassurance that will benefit you. And yes it is a strange culture in Australia as well, where asking for help and expressing any level of sadness seems commonly unfavourable.
      Things will work out for you. It won’t always be like this.

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  2. your words come too close to the truth for comfort…I hope you will find the special souls in your journey with whom you may be able to open up comfortably and who will understand you without you having to explain anything…all the best…


    • Thankyou for your kindness, It seems I am used to journeying alone, whether or not others are with me. I will pay attention for those special souls, trusting we will soon cross paths.
      And thankyou for the reblog.


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