Dear Helen.

Dear Helen,
A little formal for me, I know.
I want to say thank you.
A most heart-felt thank you
for all of your encouragement
and support
It has been a huge positive effect
and made enormous difference
to my survival, and to my life.
You are the most positive, encouraging, supportive
influence in my life
Not just now,
but for as long as I can remember
And right now
as I feel positive shifts
within and around me,
I hear my thoughts
echoing your words
Those repeated positive messages
of self love, gentleness, acceptance, kindness
(that have been absent from most of my life)
And I actually start to feel them
My own, self positive thoughts
And I know that is a big step forward.
Credit where it is due,
a big thanks to you.
Thank you for persisting,
for stepping around my negativity
and cutting through it with constant guidance,
for sharing your care consistently.
I am forever grateful

[ This was written two weeks ago, after a pleasantly positive-self experience one morning. Hand scripted onto real paper and hand delivered in a real envelope. Analogue and Authentic. I feel a little uncomfortable sharing this much of myself right now. Perhaps due in part to the negativity I have been feeling again this past week. But spending two days in bed mostly asleep whilst recovering from a cold is an indication that my body is a little run-down and that usually results in negative thoughts. So I am pushing them aside as best I can and leaving a neutral space for me to make choices about how I feel and my attitude. ]


6 thoughts on “Dear Helen.

    • Hahaha, yes it is. That is my special-letter-deserves-extra-care cursive. My everyday printing is less so, but probably neater than many people. When Architectural drawings were still made by hand one had to maintain a very even style!

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