I Wrote This.

I wrote a note
well a letter really
by hand in cursive script a little curly
I had to practice
to remember how
simple printing is so common now
To email it
just wouldn’t do
a personal effort from me to you
Because this was special
and care was taken
to pass on the message of thanks unshaken
It didn’t take long
soon my pen was flowing
down the page with regular speed going
Wrote from my heart
shared how I feel
for all the encouragement and support so real
Then folded the paper
into a coloured envelope
important presentation in this time of electronic note


[my response to Pooky’s Poetry Prompt 65 – Handwriting. tomorrow I will share the letter/note that this story/poem is about ]

[ digitally handwritten using an Adonit Jot stylus and the app INKredible, my analogue handwriting is even neater (with a little care) ]


10 thoughts on “I Wrote This.

  1. great idea, writing in real movements seriously great to view, reminds me of letter writing and the thoughts you had to form before you wrote it out, how we can learn from the past, thanks


    • The way my brain is these days, I’m glad to be able to write down thoughts then edit and move the words around. But there is something special about crafting words with just a pen and paper (as I rediscovered during a recent holiday). Thankyou for the kind response.


  2. I think personally written letters and thank you notes are invaluable! They let a person know that you have taken the time and really considered and thought about what you are saying. I value them very much personally.

    By the looks of the comments in this blog it appears that others here also feel the same way!

    Miss Lou


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