Secure Connection.

Hold my hand
and lead me away
I need to find
a brighter day
With you to guide
I will not hide
Strength in your touch
required so much
Let’s go and be
adventurous, free
Worry no more
forget before
Look forward alive
new goals and strive
to feel ok
we’ll find a way
I will be bold
with you to hold


[ my response to Pooky’s Poetry Prompt 62 ]


8 thoughts on “Secure Connection.

  1. Quite profound and some what hard to come by – are those relationships where we find comfort and security.

    As I have grown older I feel my confidence in people wains (when it comes to romantic personal relationships) and as a result tend to distance myself from them!

    Great post!


    • Thanks for adding your thoughts Miss Lou. I’m sorry your experience has led you to shy away from romantic relationships. This poem was written from my own glimpses and hope. And I believe I was imagining a truly great friendship offering this positive experience, so maybe romance is not a prerequisite to this outcome. Hope for you yet 😉 ?


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