Raised voices
Strong feelings
Continued angst
Slammed door
Quiet sobbing
Time passes
Handle turned
Door opens
Quiet words
Gentle touch
Comfort attempt
Lingering hurt
Much regret
Left wondering.


[ my response to Pooky’s Poetry Prompt 34 – Doors, write a poem which features the opening and closing of doors ]


10 thoughts on “Open/Shut.

    • For me also Tricia, more childhood in the literal sense. But more adult in the emotional weight. In a rare moment for me, this poem is not a literal commentary on my current situation, rather a combination of my experiences that fit together to tell this story.


  1. Absolutely outstanding! I like the paired words: short, precise, to the point. I like the background of the photo of the plain door. I like how the end is open-ended, not resolved with a happily-ever-after, but with caution and an opportunity for learning/growing. I like the flow, pace: just enough lines to describe the event without being too lengthy or abbreviated.

    By the way, I lost touch with Louise (the rubber duck). If you’re in touch with her, would you tell her that I’m caring about her? Thanks.


    • Thankyou for appreciating all that went into this poem. I enjoy expressing complexity through simplicity!

      Louise has also dropped off the radar for me. I will pass on your thoughts if I do hear back from her.


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