All the Feels.

Times like now
I don’t know what to say
Except somehow
My heart wants to explode
From the pressure
Of what I feel inside.
There’s no profound realisation
As I don’t understand this situation
It wants to be free
This part of me
Can’t settle down
Can’t calm this body
Thoughts run crazy
No withdrawal
This is hyper-feeling
If I jumped from a great height
and let my physical form impact
onto the solid ground
Only then might these feelings be free
of my restricting body.
Flooded by the intense energy
I can’t stabilise me
I just want something
to take away
this pain of humanness
this life I can’t bear to contain

20140603-050924.jpg[ detail of Thomas Wightman book sculpture ]


8 thoughts on “All the Feels.

  1. Its sounds like a hectic race against time, when the heart is being crushed inside the chest with the yearning feeling of something unknown to the brain… Anxious anticipation, expressed so fluently in this poem..


  2. “I just want something
    To take away
    This pain of humanness”

    For me, these three lines are a powerful, stand-alone poem.
    Peter, your words are speaking to the depth of my being this morning. Beautifully authentic. x


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