A Numbers Game, 12×3.

Twelve times I tried to write of the love that I feel
Eleven days and nights thinking of those I care for deeply
Ten readers liked the direction that my words were taking
Nine hours of my life scattered over energetic moments
Eight letters became the heart of my message
Seven thoughts of never letting her go
Six times my love was sent
Five negative replies were received
Four friends supported and
Three withdrew while
Two became


[ my response to Pooky’s Poetry Prompt 33 – Twelve Lines Long, to write a poem in twelve lines. I chose to reference the number theme in 3 different ways ]


6 thoughts on “A Numbers Game, 12×3.

    • Thanks Pooky, I had great fun with this. It was relatively easy actually, more so than many other recent poems (head for numbers!) One of those times where the whole idea was in my head and I just needed to work out a few little details. And I can’t believe Michael and I had almost identical concepts.


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