Your Name. (acrostic)

Jealous of your social nature was I
Only you included me in your friend’s activities
Having you to talk with helped me survive
Nicest charming honest personality
Always helping others financially and emotionally
Now so much has changed
Depression robbed you of your life
Reality became too much to bear
Escaping online and avoiding responsibility
Will your children ever understand?


[ my next older brother was my hero for about 20 years of my life, having my admiration and thanks for all he did and all the person he was. Depression has grasped him tight for many years, now a twisted shadow of his former self. This is my response to Pooky’s Poetry Prompt 18 – Admiration Acrostic ]

8 thoughts on “Your Name. (acrostic)

    • It is indeed Chatty. There has been a breakdown in the value of life and relationships. Perhaps too much focus on war and winning.
      And saddened by my own struggles limiting my ability to be there for him.


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