One Big Question.

How to describe your own hurt
Those feelings held inside
What language is appropriate
For expressing, not to hide
As I think and hold it in
The pain will undoubtedly stay
I want to grow and move from here
Let the silent suffering shift away


[ There was a poetry prompt, “start with a question”. But even before that, there existed a question, which was asked, and it exposed many thoughts, which bounced out and settled here, somewhat uncomfortably ]


11 thoughts on “One Big Question.

  1. Lovely poem! excellent question too! I find that writing has helped me…I wish I could draw or paint but words help to put some image to pain. Now to convey to those close, that is another question.


    • Thanks Pooky. I feel that like the unanswered question, this poem is unfinished, but that is just how it ends up sometimes. I suspect I will either find my answer to this question or go mad trying.


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