Shower Power.

Singing in the shower
Raise your voice into the steam
Imagine crowd appreciation
As you journey through this dream
Shampoo massage through your hair
Just like pre-show makeup time
Water in your mouth to gargle
Sounds like yodelling so fine
You may sing a classic aria
Or ballads full of power
Just be sure you make the most of
Singing in the shower

[ my response to Pooky’s poetry prompt 8 – First Phrase Last Phrase ]

5 thoughts on “Shower Power.

  1. Thanks Pooky. Good to hear you are holding up showering standards 🙂 It’s actually not something I’ve ever really partaken of, so my poem was rather vicarious.
    I don’t think there is really any difference between some Pavarotti and some Lion King in the shower. It’s the great musical leveller!


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