Hairy and Scary now as Bright as a Fairy.

Those spiders that chase you in the night
I know they give an awful fright
In your dreams they do inhabit
When you’d rather cuddle a rabbit
You wake up shouting and out of breath
Just like you’ve been frightened to death
So let’s relax and remember how
You’re in control of dreaming now
Make them silly and ridiculous, don’t skimp
Of squidgy fabric all floppy and limp
They can’t move without you pulling their string
And finally here is the amazing thing
They’re rainbow coloured all pretty and bright
So you’ll always remember them with delight.
(photo credit theneedleblog )


[ my response to Pooky’s poetry prompt 7 – an antidote to nightmares ]


8 thoughts on “Hairy and Scary now as Bright as a Fairy.

  1. This is ace! Ellie was having a nightmare about a spider the other night which was what inspired this prompt. The spider was running all over her but in her half-waking nightmare panic, I told her she’d just seen it wrong and it was in fact a teeny tiny little horse, so small it could fit in the palm of her hand. She went back to sleep and dreamt of her adventures with her little horse friend!


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