Two Haiku. (daily poetry prompt)

[It’s late here and there is usually something to see outside the window, whether by moonlight, or in this case, streetlight.]

Orange glow on wall
Leaf shadows about to fall
Night time quiet all.



[A second haiku, because today was spent at my first ever Medieval Fair, which was a most enjoyable experience. Speaking about my poetry with some friends, it was proposed that their viking settlement re-enactment would be inspiring. Why yes it was!]

Fire smoke teases eyes
Drying meat and fruit nearby
Viking camp in sight.


7 thoughts on “Two Haiku. (daily poetry prompt)

  1. Oh I love both of these! I love the haiku form: I have another blog Perfect Imperfection if you want to have a look. Im hopeless inserting links but the link to it is on the righthand side of my poetry blog. On there I post close up photos of flowers (as well as I can, the MS makes it difficult) and accompany them usually with haiku or an Elfje. 😊


  2. I gather from the first haiku that you’re somewhere where autumn is coming, yet there are Vikings at the medieval fair? Sorry for being nosy (and I’d say this is proof that your poetry stuck/raised questions and is very delightful to read), but whereabouts are you on the planet? *smile*


    • South Australia CC. Western settlement of this country is a mere 200 years, but plenty of people enjoy re-enacting other cultures/times for many reasons. My “viking” friends have a desire to maintain the knowledge of self sufficiency, prior to modern conveniences. Thanks for taking it all in 😀


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