Love Drunk Bogans (Ocker slang).

Kyles hit the turps bad
Grabbed another tinny from the slab
There’s more amber fluid to be had

As full as a goog, our Bazza son
Been hitting the grog all night long
Now he’s got the Wobbly boot on

“Throw another shrimp on the barbie” was heard
From the swagman as the ute disappeared
Baz and Kyles headed home to bed

Bazza was spewin’ next morn
when he saw the front lawn
For Kyles had left a technicolour yawn

But he ain’t gonna whinge
Last night was a decent binge
And it kinda lent a colourful tinge

Quit the grog they both avow
Throats dry as a dead dingo’s donger now
But next week will be the same somehow


[ my response to Pooky’s daily poetry prompt “Confusing Figure of Speach“. And if that is too confusing for you I have a “translated” version below, albeit less polished ]

Love Drunk poorly dressed slackers (version translated from the Australian coloquialisms).

Kylie started drinking quite heavily
Retrieved another can of beer from the carton
Seeing the abundance of beer for the taking

Now Barry was quite drunk
After drinking beer all evening
Staggering in that way only the drunk can

“Lets charcoal grill some more prawns”
Said the wandering tramp as their utility vehicle drove away
Barry and Kylie drove home

In the morning Barry was very angry
when he saw the front lawn
For Kylie had vomited on it last night

But he won’t complain
Because last night was an enjoyable social occasion
And in the morning light it added some colour

They both swear to never imbibe again
With their hangover and throats parched dry
But social conditioning ensures that they will


5 thoughts on “Love Drunk Bogans (Ocker slang).

  1. Blah – Aussie slang. Feel like washing my ears out, reading that. Is like nails on a chalk board, that Aussie speak! (Which means you’ve succeeded with this poem)


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