Fear. (daily poem prompt)

Fear is writing this poem
Of uncovering feelings
and unpleasant revealings
While in this emotional depressed state
It’s so easy to feel self hate
So I hesitate to venture on
When usually I’d be quite strong
But as I heard a wise person say
Feel the fear and do it anyway


[All I can manage today. Feeling really low after, out of the blue, being hit with a really strong anxiety/depression spell this morning. Only just holding it together, with the help of a dear friend. And tonight exhausted because I couldn’t manage decent rest during the day.]


13 thoughts on “Fear. (daily poem prompt)

  1. I’m impressed you could manage this on a day like today – I find routines can help with panic and anxiety, perhaps responding to these prompts might form part of your routine? Thinking of you xxx


    • Thanks Pooky, your support is wonderful and always appreciated. Thinking back to Friday morning from now, is a little scary, remembering how I felt and how I managed to get through only with the help of my friend via about 100 text messages. Now my cousin is reminding me just to rest and not put any stress on myself – I can do that tomorrow if I just keep that focus!


  2. Recognize the feelings so well… Really enjoyed the read, and even though I don’t know you I feel like I want to send you some cyber hugs! You’re not alone in what you’re going through, you have every right to be exhausted after one of those days and you are in no way strange for admitting it! Thank you for sharing both poem and emotions! And I hope you feel better tomorrow/today! *hugs*


    • Thanks for your kind thoughts CC and the cyber hugs too (did I see a comment you are in Northern Europe? that would put us at about opposite sides of the globe!). Loneliness is probably a large component of the negative feelings. My cousin has pointed out to me today just how much (stress triggers) has been going on in my life continuously over the past year as well as the last week, so it’s all understandable (if you had the time to read over that period in my blog you would have an idea – although the last person who did that felt rather overwhelmed for a day!). Tonight I am in my own little world, writing and listening to new and old music, so I am feeling much better for now at least.


    • Thankyou very much. I aim to be fearless with my writing here, I find it being semi-anonymous helps, although I do share select pieces with people in my life and one close friend subscribes. I question whether necessity = courage. I suppose in a traditional interpretation, courage is doing what must be done despite feeling otherwise.


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