Eclipsing the Sun. (5,6,4)

Searching for a way
To describe how I feel
Words lose their place

Falling through the cracks
He couldn’t work out how
Words lose their place

There was a meaning
Love existed until
Words lose their place

Free to roam, they lived
While eclipsing the sun
Words lose their place

Now in the darkness
Words lost forever more
We lose our place


[a partial solar eclipse this afternoon upon the setting Autumn sun]


2 thoughts on “Eclipsing the Sun. (5,6,4)

    • Thanks Louise. Not feeling particularly lost, but probably in denial about many things personal. There were two elusive lines of poetry stuck in my head from the day prior, which I had been unable to capture. This does so adequately. The pic is snapped of the setting/eclipsed sun behind me, as I arrived home from a full day at work.


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