To End The Indecision.

Do not fear the wrong choice
there is no right or wrong
only your choice.
Do not fear mistakes
they are the tools of learning
of determining what works for you.
No one else’s opinion matters
only making a decision matters
any decision
as long as it’s for you
not for anyone else
because a decision is always a step forwards
no matter the outcome.
Make a decision today
and if you change your mind tomorrow
then you have made two decisions
two steps forward

[for Louise at illicit by nature]


11 thoughts on “To End The Indecision.

  1. There is no right or wrong in this world, just the consequences of your actions, and the retribution sought out encompassing what you truly deserve.


    • Louise, I’m so glad this speaks to you in a helpful way. I am sharing my own experiences in the hope that they may guide you in the best direction. Take care and be kind to yourself.


    • Of course you may. Anything that helps! My words are free for you to do as you please. I merely ask that if they inspire you, please share them or send me feedback. I like to know what journey my words go on. 😀


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