The Curse of the Observer.

He sees it all.
The happenings
The mights
And especially the did nots.
The last are his favourites
So many of them
to list and count


11 thoughts on “The Curse of the Observer.

    • Ahhh Pooky, this is my whole life! But I captured it succinctly in a moment of observation (!)
      And thankyou for asking. I *will* be much better once the fevers and coughing pass and this respiratory tract infection clears.


        • Will have to be! But I will bounce back fairly quickly. the past week has just been tiring and now the coughing and fever makes sleep less complete (I would not normally be up quite this early) antibiotics from the doctor on Thursday will hopefully help as well.


        • What time is it? I’m about to head to bed – it’s 10.20pm here and I’m shattered from hobbling round on crutches!

          Get well soon. I hope the antibiotics fix you up fast. x


        • When do you usually get up? Ellie has an internal alarm clock that has us wake up at 6am sharp but Tom tends to get up with her and let me sleep in until 6.30am as I have such trouble getting to sleep but seem to be able to manage to sleep at that time. Silly really. I used to be the early bird for many years!


        • I tend to wakeup with the sun, which at the moment is around 6:30 but did manage to sleep in until 8:30 the other morning. Sky is light and sun is rising, get some sleep your pillow is calling 😉


        • I used to do that but have to have the room darkened these days or the kids get me up too early (they both come for cuddles in our bed by about 1am). It’s nice to live by the sun… The sun is well and truly set here, you’re right. It’s bed time for me! x

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        • I’ve always been an early bird. First light, pre-dawn, just trained myself out of it for a while with late nights. Working with natural body clock more these days.


        • Yes, i need to get back in the habit, I love early mornings but am not good at going to bed these days (too busy replying to comments on WP. ahem) I became an early bird at uni, I was a cox and would have to be at the river by 5.30am Tom would still be asleep when I got back at 8.30!

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