Gone Forever.

Stripped down
Then cut down
You dared to threaten
The children you watched over
day by day
Home to wildlife
Silhouette in the morning sky
Wind catcher
Now you are
Gone forever

[my brain isn’t functioning much at all with fevers and an upper respiratory tract infection which now has me on antibiotics. Thankfully inspiration was with me yesterday while I was getting some sun and watching the tree removal unfold.]


7 thoughts on “Gone Forever.

    • I find it very sad that large magnificent trees (and this one was only a younger specimen at maybe 50 years old) are removed when they get in the way of developers or drop a limb during a terrible storm. They are protected but there are enough loopholes. In this case “human safety” was the catalyst, but I don’t recall ever hearing of a person being injured by a falling branch in this city, it’s just the apparent threat that drives the fear. And once they are gone, nothing is done to replace or substitue for what was removed.


      • I agree almost whole heartedly but must admit to a love hate relationship with two magnificent copper beech trees at the foot of my garden which have meant that our plans to redevelop our plot into four semi detached houses and make a nice little earning were scuppered as the trees have preservation orders on them. However, they are beautiful trees and our house, which was going to be a stop gap, has turned into a place I really love which is full of so many memories (Lyra was born in the toilet here! It would be rude to move!)

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