Thick and Tasty.

My breakfast turned to jelly
Before it even hit my belly
I’m guessing all the fibre bits
Contributed to this

Chia, Quinoa, Psyllium
Macca powder and Cinnamon
Liquid part of Rice milk has
Contributed to this

Left to soak overnight
Warm up until it feels just right
Stirring in creamed coconut
Contributed to this

The last and special additive
Stewed plums or Blueberries do give
A purple colour, while flavoursome
Contributed to this


[a companion piece to my previous food poem Rainbow Diet, same breakfast dish, in more detail here]



7 thoughts on “Thick and Tasty.

    • It’s a rather long lecture to explain Pooky πŸ™‚ It’s actually a good habit to whip this up just before I go to bed and then pull it out of the fridge in the morning while my eyes are still blurry. The great part of a complex protein vegetarian breakfast like this is that I can last all day on it. I shouldn’t do that, but I can. xx


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