The Great Easter Poem.

Easter is a long weekend, what are we planning?
Easter is dark chocolate egg for early breakfast having
Easter is foil crunching between your teeth (missed that bit of wrapping!)
Easter is the precious gift of giving and the humble gift of receiving
Easter is 250% wage loading, extra pay for working
Easter is managing a meal with the family even when they are working
Easter is driving for hours to participate in camping
Easter is pagan rituals still surviving

Easter is giggling and searching for the kids
Easter is family egg hunts in the garden
Easter is games with the niece and nephew

Easter is making hot cross buns with your best friend
Easter is free hot cross buns at your hardware store
Easter is deck construction, house renovations continue

Easter is dark rainy Friday morning
Easter is sunshine filled days outside
Easter is bicycle rides

Easter is eggscelent
Easter is rising to the occasion
Easter is always too close to Passover

Easter is forgetting what day of the week it is
Easter is two public holidays surrounding a weekend
Easter is a mad scramble before, but then relaxing with family
Easter is love


[Easter is the Easter bunny helpers all tired out from their deliveries. With thanks to my friends who contributed input on what Easter means to them.]


What do you think?

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