Shuffle Duet.

[An experiment. The NaPoWriMo prompt last Wednesday was to use 5 consecutive song titles of a random playlist within a poem. I have taken that further and composed this poem of 42 consecutive random song titles from my ipod. Grouped them together two to a line and added a single additional word within each couple grouping line to form this poem. Let me know if you see a familiar song title in there, or if you just think it is meaningless drivel.]


Una noche forever king of the road
Sang om shanti om piva
Watching fireflies 23 talkshow
Hearing aid distorted flute interlude
While under the influence of love viva
Boo is booming on red Lemonade
Take it all away from beanni
Radioactivity changed ruby blue
9999999 yo mama
Owner of a lonely heart do ya ever
Vals del sur my poor boy
Whether letter / not a letter did it again
Tourdion creates hydrogen
More more more until the one thing I know
Wore maddening shroud arkanoid
Camel kicked big science
Into the first twilight still life
Youth culture killed my dog said memo to human resources
300 MPH torrential outpoor blues always put your hands up
Forever ages endless endless
Tomorrow dreaming peace and quiet



5 thoughts on “Shuffle Duet.

    • Thanks Lele. I pushed myself way off into the deep end with this. A very uncomfortable area. But this and another poem which did not get pressed teach as much about what doesn’t work as what does. Learning is growing.


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