Trust in Myself. (a golden shovel)

I was always very trusting
Considering that
Others betrayed my trust
Or didn’t care it exists
So the thing is
Learning to trust oneself was a
Difficult journey, but it must
Be undertaken for
The whole self, in relationship
To be free of past bonds
And open up to
Positive actions that last,
That create meaning and
Solidity, will benefit you and not
Allow the protection to rust.


[ This is a golden shovel poem, as suggested by at their day five prompt for writing a poem a day in April. I’m using the prompts as inspiration when needed, but also just writing my own thing. Anyway, in case you don’t know how it works, this type of poem is based on an original poem which can be found by reading the last word of each line. So contained within this new piece is my original poem “Trust“. I found writing this quite complex due to the nature of the original words I was working with, but research and inspiration brought me to this place so I worked through it. Do let me know what you think about both poems and their inter-relationship. ]



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