Mister Scruffity.

Who’s face is this that I can see
Let’s call him Mister Scruffity
With hair a mess and face in shadow
Skin looks grey and eyes are hollow
Caught a glimpse as he walked by
Tried to hide my startled eye
Hadn’t seen him here before
Within that mirror on the door.



2 thoughts on “Mister Scruffity.

  1. I love this! great perception.. such a neat thought. I can imagine as we age we begin to not recognize ourselves. i know we so often look at ourselves and wonder who we are, what have we become. I wrote a poem about this a while ago.. you just inspired me to be vulnerable and post it on my blog. thank you 🙂 I’m new at all this! But I love all your poetry! You have a way with expressing words thats really inspiring!


  2. Well sometimes my inspiration comes from the craziest places. Keeping a little silliness alive is very important and there is usually a serious side to it also, just like me I suppose. Thanks for your comments. I really look forward to reading your poem, vulnerability is the key to growing!


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