Dystopian Rhapsody.

Trying to make sense of it all
No, trying to survive
for it all seems
A world of confusion
mixed with
Hate, Anger, Despair
At those I think
should be able to help me
but stand, stunned
offering small platitudes
vacuous to me,
And at myself for
at seemingly everything
Everything –
happens for a reason
What have I learnt then?
What am I becoming
that needs this pain,
This self loathing
that seeps through my pores
Pawing at my sanity
Clawing at my flesh
Like a nightmare
everything is not quite right
where you will never
ever be comfortable
Because if you did
relax for just a moment
the demons would catch you
painfully shredded
you would cease
to have ever existed
You would simply be
the nothingness
that fills the gaps
between everything
that ever really matters.


[ With thanks for the sparks that ignite the fire that melts the world into words that sit upon this page. Tonight my inspirational writing friends are theeverbrokenarrow and Natalie – tonight you made a difference. ]


5 thoughts on “Dystopian Rhapsody.

  1. I can relate so very much to this. I am not in this place now but I have been. Its good you can write about it, for yourself and so others may read it and don’t have to feel so alone. I never used to think anyone could feel like I did.


  2. I found this eerie and disturbing. What was more eerie and disturbing was how closely it mirrored a path I have walked. You have a fantastic way of describing things I would have considered indescribable.


    • That description of yours adequately covers the feelings I had, hence the dark manipulated photograth – and it may well be the same path Pooky, especially if I am your male alter-ego.
      I think when inspiration flows the indescribable becomes real enough for me to grab hold of and dissect, even for a brief moment.


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