Looking Around City Streets.

faces in the street
all those people you’ll never meet
as they stride from place to place
stoic looks upon their face

but look around carefully
and some life you will see
shining through bright
not held in so tight

life in the eyes
or the look of face
you can smile and say “hi”
without disgrace

street faces

[inspired by the city photography (collaged above) of my friend Tim and also by a recent morning in the city, noticing the busy morning commuters moving with purpose albeit mostly lifelessly.]


6 thoughts on “Looking Around City Streets.

    • Thanks for sharing your thoughts. This is not a place I have ever spent much time, but I am aware of the environment and that day was a rare venture into the busy-ness that is a city going to work.


    • Thanks. This was almost too short and sweet for me to publish, but I am learning not to let those fears stop me from expressing my writingness. And the pictures my friend took were too good to remain unaccompanied.


  1. yes yes! I love to imagine the lives of the people I pass on the street. It is a favourite game of mine. Sometimes I make random friends on trains, I find it strangely exciting…


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