My Approximation of Real.

Sunday night trying to sleep
by forgetting all that has happened last week
Feet are cold
my body shudders
Put on socks
and then
Cry out loud
all the pain
assaulting me
from being pushed aside
it … just … all … hurts
and nothing in particular
There’s no rhyme
(see what I did there!)
or reason
it’s just all flooding out
Except it’s not –
All the noise in my imagination
So imagine just letting it go
imagine the floodwaters subsiding
imagining the washed clean feeling after being drenched
imagine the release
imagine your comfort
after the storm
Imagine wrapped up warm
and comfortable again
safe … sheltered … secure
The process is distressing
but the results are as real as anything
Can you imagine that?


ask yourself if what you are doing today right now is getting you closer to where you want to be tomorrow


7 thoughts on “My Approximation of Real.

    • I think you should prescribe yourself a break from thinking for a little bit Dr. Pooky. (some people would lambast me for mixing up the references to a real doctorate with a medical doctorate like that)


  1. Been there. It’s a real roller coaster. I despise roller coasters….but when they stop, the stillness is deafening. And peaceful. And you thank the universe you survived-right before you get back on the ride again.

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