Yesterday’s Pain.

Just when
Life feels better again
Out of the blue
Pain comes through
Stomach twisting
Pain inflicting
But worse yet
What I wanted to forget
The memories
Of endless pain days
Drowning in
Pain recollection
A double hit
To abdomen and soft head bit
Physical turmoil
Strong emotional recoil
The anguish
The death wish
Confused mind a mess
All flooding
Over me suffocating
Hide away
In sleep, ’til new day
Drained, wasted
Such changes created
A delicate frame
All that remains

[actually Thursday/Friday, it took another day to get this pressed]


15 thoughts on “Yesterday’s Pain.

    • The words are the feelings, that’s what comes out of me. You are such an encouragement, seeing growth and improvement in my writing, I gradually believe it for myself. Thanks Chatty!


  1. When you are in emotional difficulty, it often seems to be expressed in very physical ways – has it always been like that for you? I hope that you are feeling at least a little better both physically and emotionally xxx


    • Too significant a question for me to answer accurately at the moment, when recalling a day ago is difficult. But I think it has – a complicated interconnection. A lot of the darkness is from my most common concern raising it’s spectre again and feeling unable to deal with that or shift it in any way, despite my not backing down emotionally and trying to remain active.


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