Grim Death.

Is death not the absence of life?
Then I have already been swallowed up
in it’s dark embrace.
All is darkness
Alone and lost in the darkness
there is nothing else
but death
through me,
There is


6 thoughts on “Grim Death.

    • Thanks for your support Louise, I’ve been told my writing is a bit different to many others, it’s more like emotional journaling for me, but the poetic inspiration is something I like to grab hold of and work with whenever inspiration strikes. If you have some time glance around past posts, I’m still proud of all of it ๐Ÿ™‚


  1. This poem grips me. It helps me make sense out of the feeling that I have: perhaps I died a number of times. When I feel void of life, still, blank, I seem to be touching dying with my fingertips. If I am, then I will have no fear of my final death.

    Thanks for putting it into words.


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