All Your Own Fault.

Not to be harsh
Or judgemental
But you chose this

All your decisions
Large and small
Leading up to now

Laid the path
Ultimately culminating
In this moment

You could say
Some stupid
Bad decisions

You could say
No choice
But always you

Always your choice
Or determinedly

So here you are
Like it or not
This is now

Deal with it
Step forwards
Or sideways

Breathe deeply
Give yourself space
Find your way

And choose
To the best of your knowledge
For the better

Whatever it takes
Surviving now
Or thriving onwards

Though it feels
Unlikely –
You are in control.


7 thoughts on “All Your Own Fault.

    • Words that that are significant for me. Mixed together with a few “conversations” online recently. Words I need to remember. Blend together, bake for about an hour = poem I feel proud of.
      If you can remember these things often, then you are on a good path.
      My inspiration often comes from the smallest comment, that just triggers a connection in my brain, that starts a chain reaction, that bubbles up the beginnings of a poem. x


  1. True indeed. Someone told me once “im busy & i dont have a choice”. I told him, he already made one. He chose to be busy..


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