Powerful Friends.

Your smile
Those eyes
Your warmth
They care
I see
and feel
the truth

My fear
The heartache
I am
not who
I was

Where are
you friend?
Give me
from pain
Take me
Relief is
palpable bliss


12 thoughts on “Powerful Friends.

  1. I felt this could be read in two ways – a positive one – where you’re talking about a real friend (which I assume was the actual intention judging by the tags) but then read it again and imagine that the ‘you’ is an addiction or a drug… then it reads quite, quite differently. I think it was the last verse that led me that way.. Almost like an addict crying out for a hit?


    • Rereading it again, now I see how it could be taken that way. Unintentional, but then I had started writing about addiction some time ago and never got very far, so maybe there is a reason this has turned out such.
      (I sent you an email about this a few weeks ago, not sure if it got lost on the way or just lost in busyness)


      • sorry I’m a bit rubbish with emails. I love to receive them but sometimes they overwhelm me and I mean to reply but don’t – unlike backdated comments here they are harder to track back. I am NEVER offended to re-receive an email if I’ve neglected it and I’m sad at the thought that one of yours has slipped through the net – sorry Peter x


        • I understand what you are saying about the replies that are easier to track and respond to, and emails that get lost/forgotten. Will just remember that and be more focused/specific when I email, and hope you don’t mind if I duplicate things.
          It’s just that my brain stores and files away every written communication and reminds me daily if I’m yet to respond, so my internal filing and notification system works very well. And I must remember not everyone is like that! 😉


        • No I’m terrible. I don’t mean to be, I just get so many emails and have so many different addresses. When I just did a 5 day a week job with an email and one personal address it was fine but not I have all sorts coming from all directions. But sorry, if I don’t reply it is usually an indication that I was waiting for a moment when I could ‘reply properly’ and that the moment slipped by. *slaps wrists*


        • Yes, a proper reply, I know what you mean. And finding that time when you have so much happening…
          Personally I have my emails all coming through to a single account (like a gmail address or similar) so there is just one place to deal with them. And there are a few useful programs that help to prioritise and organise emails – I use mailbox on my phone/tablet.


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