Parallel Life.

(no fear, of self, of life)
Choosing what I want to do and making it happen. Knowing clearly what I desire, if not then…
Keep trying, same things, new things, until I find the connection I seek. In hobbies, in relationships, in work, in intimacy. Failure is an acceptable outcome, failure is part of the growing and learning process.

(not hating myself, my life)
Feeling loved. Loving myself is enough. Love from others is even nicer and received with grace and thanks.
Easy to share love with those around me. Friends and family know they are loved as well. Confident to discuss how I feel with close friends. Confident to talk with family about how they feel, about how I feel.

(not losing time through illness and depression)
Life moves on, as do I. Health issues are easily resolved through listening to my own body talk. Time is taken for recovery when needed, then I bounce back and focus on the everyday without distraction. Focus. I respond to negative moods and feelings by loving myself, observing the feelings and acknowledging them. I am aware of these feelings but do not let them influence how I choose to feel.

I love myself. I love life. I love the people around me fully and wholeheartedly. I do the activities that I love, and I love the activities that I do. I make time for myself. I make time for others. I organise my time efficiently to allow me space to do all this.


[These are just words, thoughts, responses to Pooky’s suggestion to envisage what the parallel life alluded to in my last post, would be like. It was a good exercise in positivity. And, in time, I will make further analysis of what I actually have already achieved and what I may yet wish to work towards.]


2 thoughts on “Parallel Life.

  1. I found this really interesting to read Peter – you have a surprisingly clear vision of what you’d like life to be like, which I guess means there is something to move towards? This is far more hopeful than it might be?


    • Sometimes the right question is asked at the right time to shift my thoughts more positively about a situation. Your prompting led me here Pooky. 😀 I need to share this all with ms.pac and another friend and see where I can take it.


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