Boso 1 and 2.

This is the third poem written on Sunday morning during a burst of inspiration. It was a different combination of techniques for me, but mostly focused around a suggestion I read recently from Leanne at Ignored.

I wrote what I felt from listening to this music (which is a current emotionally meaningful piece to me). It is two tracks Boso 1 and Boso 2 from the album Insofar by Sundog and contains sounds solely from playing a tampered acoustic piano (Boso 1) & rhodes electric piano (Boso 2). Depending on your interpretation it could be described in style as classical, minimalist, chamber, or electronica.

One of the composer/performer duo is Arthur Jeffes who is the blood heir to the Penguin Cafe name, a group who were performing since the 70’s and who I was privileged to hear perform in my hometown in the late 80’s.

There are 27 lines spaced over the nearly 8 minutes of music. For full effect, have a listen and read through this poem accordingly.
I really need to create a video with the words popping up at appropriate times then fading and shrinking away. Anyone out there have those skills?


behind me
all around me it changes
I saw you
the smile
why did he choose that?
let’s go
no one and everyone
I can’t promise anything

it changed
I don’t like this, I like this
where were we?
I want to go home –
I don’t know where that is
why did you do that?
you are beautiful and hurtful all at once
build it
burrow into the ground
clear vision
can I touch you?
soaring out of the sky


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