Friend-ly Thoughts.

I know you haven’t spoken to me in a while
and that’s because you’ve got things happening
and you just don’t feel that great sometimes
and when you remember me it’s not a good time to talk
I don’t mind.
I remember you
And if we could catch up I would drop everything
just to spend a little time with you
a reminder –
that even for the briefest of moments
life is bearable
And I would pray
that is enough for now

[the second of three poems written Sunday morning, after a few days dry spell and sudden inspiration was captured. I was unsure about this poem’s completeness, so I left it lying around on FB and the consensus was positive. I’m uncertain as to the reason for my hesitancy. Perhaps it was just that once again I have written something new style-wise and it takes time for me to become comfortable with it. What do you think?]


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