In Memory of Saint Valentine.

Take the time today
Think of those you love
And who love you
Wherever they are

And may you feel
Love in abundance
from those you are closest to


[If there is none close, or those you feel love for can’t be with you for whatever reason, focus the love on yourself. Be thankful for and celebrate who you are right now and let love shine on your positives.]


7 thoughts on “In Memory of Saint Valentine.

    • Just, sort of -ish
      Ms.pac is away again so I’m super busy dealing with everything at home and was out busy nearly all of Saturday. Spent the latter half of the day sorting through some collections at my Dad’s with 2 of my brothers. Actually no time to even think about writing and This morning I can feel it’s building up…


      • Something happened. A lot of things happened. After I read your question here. All at once everything happened. Where I sit on the floor, the world changed. The words started to push out. I wrote. I felt. I read a poem that must be read. I’m not the same person I was 10 minutes ago, who isn’t the same person I was an hour ago. Now I have to go. Start the day that has waited patiently and silently for me to catch up. xx


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