Empty Shoes.

Walk in your shoes
Get to know you
They are a size big or two
Always bigger than me were you

I look up to you
Even more, now that I miss you
The stories I hear now
Tell me so much I never knew

I always knew the similarities
Matching pieces of personality
Some used to upset me
But now I hold them dearly

What you did that upset many
I understand I can see your view
Don’t agree with it
But in so much your heart was true
And this is what I remember
Of you


[This was inspired by looking through my father’s shoe collection – many old, some unworn, mostly practical work boots – more reminiscing and seeing photographs of a happy young man. (Photograph by me of a couple of the items). The poem’s structure is a bit rough, but I can’t change it without, you know, changing it. And it’s like my memories of him, good or bad, they are all I have now, so I will learn to love them all.]



6 thoughts on “Empty Shoes.

  1. The rhyming in this is reminiscent of Plath’s Daddy (you do not do, you do not do, any more black shoe) so for me, this works, and I love the nostalgic quality of the photo.


    • I know of Plath and other great poets, but never really read them. So I looked up that poem and was surprised by the similarities as you identified. Thanks Giorge for bringing that to my attention!
      The nostalgia elements come mostly from the fishing photo that is likely older than me and the shoes that are likely almost my age. A few choice filters used in two different editing apps – photographed, edited, and uploaded all on my phone. I love being able to use technology like this!
      I will put this up on FB in a different format, keep an eye out for it.


  2. A beautiful poem to read aloud, to wrap the tongue around the words, and the heart around the emotions the words evoke.
    Grief is a hard road to walk, those sturdy shoes are the perfect companions, and our precious memories; the pillows to lay our head on.
    Your words honour your father and yourself.
    Another beauty, Peter.
    Tricia x


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