A Little Advice.

Others can be so cruel in what they do (or don’t) say and do,
But they’ll never know what is going on inside of you.
Just as you’ll never really understand their thinkingness,
Remember that what others think of you is none of your business.
Look inside yourself with kind love and know,
Following your own heart is the only way to grow.


11 thoughts on “A Little Advice.

    • Thanks for sharing your great thoughts!
      I think the world would be a better place. People would know how much others care and there would be no misunderstanding, only honesty. We would get used to understanding that emotions are fleeting, especially the negative ones. 😉


  1. Peter, I decided to spend the morning catching up on your blog. I’m so pleased I did.

    I’ve allowed words from another to keep me awake at night, to eat into my core like a worm in an apple. I’ve been focusing on one negative statement from someone who no longer truly knows or understands me, when in truth I’m surrounded by so much that is positive and loving. I know myself to be an imperfect, but deeply caring person. Your words have helped me to see that it’s neither my fault nor my problem that this person has lost sight of who I am. I no longer really know her, so I can’t know where her words are coming from.

    This is not just a lovely poem, Peter, it’s an important life lesson – one I needed to be reminded of.
    Thank you
    Tricia xx

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