So many things leave us sad
Events, people, memories
Maybe it is for the best
that they are all ephemeral.

Alone or together
What really lasts
We can uncover
Whatever that may be
I’m yet to discover


[inspired by aRVee’s post ••Ephemeral••]


12 thoughts on “Ephemeral.

      • Inside of me? Cripes. I guess it’s that whole idea of us as people just simply moving through the world and how everything we come into contact with attaches in some way and we can also attach to those we come into contact with.

        It’s like, one one side of it you can view life as this really inconsequential thing that is completely random and meeting new people is random and none of it really has any affect on anything, but on the other side of that coin is the thought that we all affect whatever we touch, whether in a small insignificant way or a large way. I choose to believe this. Maybe I guess I choose not to believe in the ephemeral.

        You should never ask me what draws me to a piece – I have the tendency to rant!


  1. Beautiful.. I’m glad my post inspired you to write this. Thanks for sharing.
    I’m taking that road to discover and uncover what’s lasting..


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