Looking For Progress.

Far from
an unattainable perfection
sits I
Mind casting back
into the ocean of years
Looking to hook onto
a change of habit
some recognisable progress
or positive growth
But no bites today


4 thoughts on “Looking For Progress.

    • Thanks for the compliment Giorge.
      Now why do I take it as a poor critique of my past work? Silly negativity – go away now!
      It takes a certain frame of mind for me to achieve this, and its usually an inspired response to something I’ve just read.


      • You’re probably like me – I SUCK at criticism of any kind, even if it’s constructive!

        I know nothing about how long you’ve been doing this, of course, but I have learnt, personally, that poetry only really begins to form and flourish through age, practise and adaption. I’ve been writing poetry for FOURTEEN years and can only really say that it is now that I’ve finally found rhythm and structure.

        It wasn’t a comment poo-pooing your previous poems, it’s just that I can really see the growth in your poetry now. I can see the depth and precision and the real bones of it, rather than simply an expression as your previous poems – though done brilliantly – have been.

        And then you follow it up with today’s poem and I’m like, ‘yeah, he’s got this!’

        I know this sounds super weird and condescending given I don’t know you from adam and have nothing to do with what you are achieving, but I feel really proud of your work. Or maybe it’s that I feel you should be proud of your work.


        • Thanks for the comments G, especially detailing what you are enjoying seeing in growth. I always appreciate any form of response. I was just sharing a little of myself, I have a handle on that negativity in regards to my writing, it just impacts so many other parts of my life too.

          I’ve certainly been writing in my own free conversational style for a long time (>20 years) but focusing on poetic style only the last year or two.

          I love my free expression style, often more than these pared back poems. I don’t have much love or pride for these last two at the moment. But maybe that is just not being comfortable with the style, which may come with time as you say after 14 years! So thankyou for feeling proud of it and lets both hope I can become proud of it too. 🙂


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