Never Go To Bed In Anger.

Never go to bed in anger
Advice I keep hearing
But how do I avoid that
When my days keep on ending
With silent frustration
That I hold in
That I won’t express
Because you just get upset
When I talk about my feelings
What I’m missing
What I want
And we never seem to get to
What works
And what is good
Precious little positivity
Much experience negativity
No balance counteraction
Good memories a tiny fraction
Of the whole frustrating journey
Feel inadequate unworthy

Can’t speak
You’re asleep

In the morning keep the silence
Don’t upset you in defiance
Shutting down I need to cope
Stumble down the slippery slope
Where this goes will not be fine
While we cannot make the time
To understand and to connect
Each day fully, no neglect
And the energy required
Leaves me exhausted and so tired
There’s no focus on achieving
No efforts made nor love receiving
Feel ashamed that I can’t nurture
So it scars me like a torture
Thoughts crash down and are deceiving
Nothing left worth to believe in

Never go to bed in anger?
I do that nearly every night.


4 thoughts on “Never Go To Bed In Anger.

    • Thanks for sharing how much you like this, I always appreciate feedback.
      As for the TDU issue, well just a little 😉 you know me well. There has also been other upsetting issues leaving me angry including aspects of sorting out of my Dad’s estate. Add in lack of proper sleep not helped at all by the temperatures, as you well know – I got through Saturday night by munching slowly on a bowl of frozen mixed berries 🙂


      • OMG – great minds! We also ventured into the freezer for frozen mixed berries. But we crushed ours and added lemonade!

        I found last night a lot worse for some reason. I was just so over the weather. I think I was waking up at half-hourly intervals to shove a cat off the bed or spray myself down with water, so I’m a little bleary eyed this morning.

        As for the TDU, you’ll be happy to know I’ve been driving around the Newton area shouting out ‘the tour is over’ to any poor lycra-suited bloke making his way up Gorge road. I think I am a menace in my neighbourhood. The Campbelltown Council may have me evicted before next year’s tour so I don’t hurt their chances for having another stage.

        I’m sorry about your dad. It’s the shitty thing that comes with death – all the legal and economical aspects that have to be dealt with which puts those who are left behind with added stress. I get annoyed when my dad wants to show me the ‘file’ where he’s sorted everything in that horrid event, but part of me realises that I should be thankful he’s being proactive about it and trying to make sure it’ll be easier for us kids. Hopefully you’ll get that all sorted soon.


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