To Sleep Or Not To Sleep.

Just a few hours sleep
But the body awakes
At Sunrise
It’s time to start the day
But I want to stay sleeping
Relaxing and rest
Sunday morning’s the time
To do that the best
So my earphones go in
Calming music to listen
The lull of familiarity
But there’s a division
Between body and mind
Like a dream in reverse
I lay here wondering
What is real and immerse
My thoughts back to dream land
Last night, how I felt
There was fun and adventure
New experience was dealt
By a close one in sharing
Themselves in me asking
What I wanted what desires
Were there for the grasping
So this morning I release
Sleepless frustrations
And focus on writing
Today’s creations
Do what I can
While energy lasts
By early afternoon
More sleep is forecast


What do you think?

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