To my sister in London
I just want to say
How much I enjoyed
Your visit and stay

We talked just a little
And you slept quite a while
Just having your presence
Has given me a smile

in my heart, that lingers
Each time that I see
you pop up on Facebook
With an update or three

And photographic records
More travels abroad
Or just in your city
Always leave me awed

You are loved so much
Despite distance and time
So I send you my thoughts
In word and in rhyme

[Just one of her recent photos “Pleasant winter day en route cycling to Richmond”]


When It All Deserts Me.

Awareness and observation
Slipping slowly falling down
What was light has become grey
Tomorrow grey will fade into darkness

I am both the observer and the object
Like a dream I cannot stop it
Walls rise up dulling all experience
Draining, immobilising, deflating

Only words are left
All other experiences desert me

Resting Flowerhead.

She knows herself
Yet presents a shyness
that takes a while
to see through
to her inner smile.

Somewhat reserved
Keeps feelings to her-
hesitates to embrace.

There is a trigger
of uncomfortableness
Though painful,
That brings the wall down
Releasing her feelings.

In time
If you open up first
And just accept her
She will learn to trust you
And a flower blooms.


Friendship Gratitude.

Was there ever a friend so true
Who knew just exactly what to say and do?
To ease my aching heart and find
a peace and comfort this turbulent mind
Responding to troubles big and small
With advice and guidance through it all
You patiently listen to all that I say
With understanding acceptance and in your own way
provide safe haven for all my hurt and fear
with your gentle questions and compassionate ear
Your hugs are comforting warm and strong
Easing the pain and carry me along
So a heartfelt thanks for the care that you show
I’m very grateful, just thought you should know.


Seeing With Blindness.

Sometimes I wish that I was blind
To prevent the diversions that effect my mind
My eyes pick difference in all that I see
Sprouting preconceived judgement and criticism for me
While my heart and mind are totally caring
No prejudice, all inclusive and loving
You see, the visual process dominates
Inner feelings struggle to communicate
I know from inside we are all the same
Our atoms and sharing the air we breath each day
I wish for many things to change about me
But if they came true just who would I be?

Good Time.

Curves. Mounds. Hollows.
Along my hand follows
Gently caress
Fingers under dress
Smooth. Warm. Wanting.
Body slowly writhing
Excitement a-fire
To meet your desire
Lips. Cheek. Neck.
Your hands below deck
Heavy breathing
Pleasures giving
Tease. Touch. Slide.
Pushing final ride
Bodies rocking
Furniture knocking

[Having a go at writing something a little different, to expand my expression vocabulary]

Feeling Redefined.

Measured against some preconceptualised notion of human emotion
I worry that I don’t feel enough
Because I didn’t cry at his death
Or the funeral
Because I don’t weep and gnash my teeth
Because at the other end of the spectrum
Passion, excitement, intimacy
Are far larger in my imagination
Than in my reality
Because what I feel around her
Holding her
Is only the ghost
Of an earlier me

Rewind. Realign. Redefine.
I am who I am
Right now, right here
Being as honest as I can with myself
I am aware that I feel
Emotions spread over the whole day or two
are not focused into small moments as some others experience
I know I feel because I care
Caring this much is tiring
And lately my sleep has been less than enough
for any normal day, week
And with this added stress
it’s not surprising I struggled to move today
Body telling me it just needs a rest
And I didn’t understand that until tonight