4 Words.

and move on


7 thoughts on “4 Words.

      • Sorry about the anger, but I’m glad things are moving on.

        I thought things were a little better though?

        Are you anonymous here btw? I’ve wondered a few times, I assumed not as I know your identity but wasn’t sure if others did?


        • I keep this mostly unidentifyable, originally out of fear, now I realise it doesn’t matter so much. What I write about her, I once would have never let her read. Now I am inclined to open it all up to her, I think she could handle it, I think I could handle it. I open up to people that are honest, genuine, caring, like me. You are one of the few people I “let in” and release my vulnerability around. I hope you are okay with that knowledge. The community here has been a big support for me this last year.


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