The Bearded Man Story.

There once was a gentleman fair
Who experimented with his facial hair
Let it grow without shaving
A change of face he was having
Wondering how many people would stare

Preconceptions that it wouldn’t suit
Or wonder if his handsome jawline dilute
But after a week of growing
The soft hairs were flowing
His wife would stroke it saying “cute”


3 thoughts on “The Bearded Man Story.

  1. I’ve not seen you without it so to me it’s just how you look. It’s funny about how we envisage someone forever based on how they look when we meet them (you probably will always assume me to have short dark hair but in fact I have had long blonde hair for most of my life)

    FWIW I think it looks cute too (though I always used to make blokes I went out with shave their beards off as I liked the look but not the feel!)


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