Resting Flowerhead.

She knows herself
Yet presents a shyness
that takes a while
to see through
to her inner smile.

Somewhat reserved
Keeps feelings to her-
hesitates to embrace.

There is a trigger
of uncomfortableness
Though painful,
That brings the wall down
Releasing her feelings.

In time
If you open up first
And just accept her
She will learn to trust you
And a flower blooms.


11 thoughts on “Resting Flowerhead.

    • Thankyou Pooky. You have picked up on its source. This poem took many forms through many drafts before I settled on this. Neither it nor I was ready until this version came to be. Subtle changes in energy were required.


      • How did you inspire those changes, or do you just have to wait?

        I’m finding it strange now that you have a face btw… good strange… but strange. You’ve been pacman to me for so long! x


        • I assume we’re both talking about the changes in the poem’s/my energy that was required to bring the poem about…
          I’m not sure that I actively made it happen, more so that I kept revisiting the concept in my head and briefly on paper (or electronic notebook in my case) until the feelings and energy behind it all precipitated into it’s now solid form. That’s about all I can remember now for this poem.


        • First impressions stick don’t they! I always WILL be pacman, that is very much a significant part of who I am. As for pacman the poet, well, never underestimate the creativity inside someone! As for the bearded man, we’ll, that was a Planned Christmas break experiment that I quite enjoyed and there may be a poem behind all that… As for seeing everyday pictures of someone you already formed a mental picture of, well many pictures give such a frozen impression of a person that is not necessarily like they are in the flesh, that I TRY not to let them become the person I know. Pictures, in costume, 20 years younger, relaxed and enjoying life, tired or energized, with friends and family, they are all really just glimpses into who that person is.


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