Friendship Gratitude.

Was there ever a friend so true
Who knew just exactly what to say and do?
To ease my aching heart and find
a peace and comfort this turbulent mind
Responding to troubles big and small
With advice and guidance through it all
You patiently listen to all that I say
With understanding acceptance and in your own way
provide safe haven for all my hurt and fear
with your gentle questions and compassionate ear
Your hugs are comforting warm and strong
Easing the pain and carry me along
So a heartfelt thanks for the care that you show
I’m very grateful, just thought you should know.



14 thoughts on “Friendship Gratitude.

    • Thanks for your kind words Tricia. I received a hand-made & hand-bound journal from this friend recently. As I was crafting a thankyou card (seen in the picture) I thought that a special verse would also be a good way of showing my appreciation.


    • Thanks Pooky, I thought you might enjoy this poem. I am always inspired by you to work that bit harder to create such rhymes. This took me many days to create after the initial flow of words, during a busy and emotional time starting back at work. I wanted to say much more but I think this expresses enough for now.


      • I think this is just perfect and it fills my heart with joy to think that you think of me when creating rhymes… I feel that I’m unversatile, but try as I might, rhyme is what falls onto the page..

        Did you friend like this?


        • My friend thought it was beautiful. She recently gave me the most beautiful handmade notebook so I wanted to return the sentiment with a handmade card containing my thanks.

          I’m still learning that sometimes less is more, especially with my poetry. As for yours Pooky, I say go with what works for you at the moment, and don’t be afraid to have a go at (and share) different styles of writing occasionally. I have enjoyed your diversions thus far!

          Dare I say that as we are both still new to this, allowing time to find our way is a good plan.


  1. What a perfect tribute to a true friend, Peter! And they are hard to find…I’ve had a great friend since we were 10 yrs. old, 42 years ago. It’s amazing how we’ve stayed in contact all these years, even though miles apart at times. Yet when we talk it’s like picking up from where we left off the last time. Thanks for evoking these great memories.
    Lauren 🙂


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