Seeing With Blindness.

Sometimes I wish that I was blind
To prevent the diversions that effect my mind
My eyes pick difference in all that I see
Sprouting preconceived judgement and criticism for me
While my heart and mind are totally caring
No prejudice, all inclusive and loving
You see, the visual process dominates
Inner feelings struggle to communicate
I know from inside we are all the same
Our atoms and sharing the air we breath each day
I wish for many things to change about me
But if they came true just who would I be?


7 thoughts on “Seeing With Blindness.

    • Sometimes I just wonder. I would be a Different person in some ways but would some core parts of me still remain the same and if so which?
      Since my late teens I’ve been a problem identifier, in the pursuit of improving myself (but mostly from when I identify a problematic issue such as this).


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