A New Year 2014

As I sit here on a new morning, a new year, and finally have the time to think back over recent events in my life, there is much to say and yet much to just leave behind me now.

I buried my father yesterday, after an extended health battle. And this offered opportunities for me to spend time with him, even just quiet time in medical centre waiting rooms. Time I will now cherish, perhaps with a tear.
I was there in the early hours of Christmas Eve when he  passed away, while his partner was in tears. And this let me see him peacefully accepting the end. Let me care for him in death and clothe him for his final resting. It also let me be strong and make decisions when others were unable to.

Yesterday’s funeral and burial offered opportunities to once again meet old family friends from my childhood. Listening to the obituary that My eldest brother wrote with assistance from my eldest Uncle, was an opportunity to hear about aspects of my father’s life that I was unaware of, as were other family members. And this made me realise that everyone has so much life story to learn that we could make an effort to discover while they are still with us.

And after a sombre day, last night I was able to relax with good friends, new friends, play board games, laugh, have fun and sparkle into the new year (that’s me in the photo).

I am thankful for the family that have supported me in small and large ways during this year. I am thankful for my range of friends and particularly for the closest two (HC & MH) who have been my solid rocks and sanity keepers throughout this year.

I am incredibly thankful for all of my new online friends in WordPress. As a community you have encouraged me, supported me, and inspired me this past year more than anyone else:

I wish for you all, my dear friends, as I wish for myself.
That you find what you seek.
That you receive what you need.
That you hear your heart speak.
And you find all the love for one who needs it most, you!


8 thoughts on “A New Year 2014

  1. I am so sorry about the loss of your dear father. I’m glad you were able to spend the time with him as he passed on. I’m sure it was what he wanted. I know the day must have been difficult for you, but to end it with friends and being able to relax was something you needed 🙂 Take care, my friend, and I wish that all of your hopes and desires come true in 2014!


    • As challenging as each day can be (like today), perhaps if only I learn a little from the past year’s experiences and make a little improvement in my life this year, then I can be proud of something. Hiding from and avoiding the pain has not helped me this year, yet at times I have embraced a little of that too.


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