When is a poem not a poem?

A poem is always poetry
no matter how ’tis writ
Lines may be short and spaced apart
Or grouped in one large hit
Those words may rhyme
from time to time
But you’ll find ultimately
The phrasing, spacing,
timing and pacing
Will make it poetry.

[a quick little response I assembled before breakfast and dedicate to Pooky]


11 thoughts on “When is a poem not a poem?

    • A great response to the question, thankyou. “Musical sensuality of the soul” is very appropriate when I think about what it is that attracts me to certain poems in this WordPress community. Some are serious songs and of sadness, some are funny playful songs, others are songs of love or loving. There are as many forms of poetry as there are types of songs.


  1. I love this poem; I saw it as a response to Pooky’s poem. It resonates with me because I doubt my ability to write poetry far too much I think. I know nothing of the finer points but I simply write from the heart. If it comes from anywhere else, then to me, that isn’t poetry, however “clever” it may sound. 😊


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