7:11 p.m. on 12/3/13

A snapshot of life, response to the prompt http://randeebergen.wordpress.com/2013/12/02/a-moment-in-time-711-p-m-on-12313/
Standing just outside the back of the house, on an old concrete slab. Surrounded by red bricks, a partially demolished wall, that used to support a round steel rainwater tank. The tank was so rusted that when it rained, water would spout out the sides like a barrel full of bullet holes in a cartoon.

Now I crouch down, holding a 13 kilogram construction drill in my hands. Testing out a 20mm diameter drill bit on the brickwork that remains. Seeing if I can control this large piece of machinery. Seeing if it is too powerful to drill a hole in the bricks and might just crack a hole in the wall instead.

I’m helping out a close friend. It’s what I do – It’s who I am. He needs a heavy duty support installed in the living room wall, and I’m the man for the job. Well there are other people that could do it too, but they charge a lot more than just friendship. Two 20mm holes for chemset sleeves and M10 lugs.

I help him out with practical jobs like this. And he helps me out with hi-fi related selections, purchasing, and shipping. Oh and he’s a great friend too. Ear always at the ready when I need to offload or looking for advice. Many hours spent together listening to new music and watching great movies.

It’s raining lightly. Well, heavy droplets but sparsely placed. Thunderstorms have been rolling overhead since mid-morning. Now the wet thumps on my tshirt and head are comforting. A reminder that water is life, as it washes away the dirt, refreshes the garden, flows along gutters and fills rainwater tanks. Life stored for tomorrow. Life right here, right now. Life on Tuesday December 3, at 7:11pm GMT+10:30


16 thoughts on “7:11 p.m. on 12/3/13

  1. I enjoyed reading your Moment in Time and I like your writing style, partly prose, partly narrative with those incomplete sentences. I often write like that, too. It just sounds more natural. I think that A Moment in Time might get us thinking more about whomever it is we’re spending time with at that precise moment, as you did here in your response. Thank you for participating!


    • Hi Randee, I really enjoyed doing this, so thanks for the inspiration of a new way to do considered writing. I hope to have another go sometime. Quite different to my usual poetic style of writing, and using a slightly different voice.

      Yes you picked up on my conversational style of writing, that’s how it’s always been. Looking forward to future prompts.


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