The Struggle

Struggling mind
Lost motivation
Where am I now?
Looking back where I’ve been
So much traveling
So little progress
Or so it seems.
Why do I hurt
(deep inside)?
Why do I cry out
(while desperate to hide)?
Am I blind
To what exists here?
Or is that all the reason
I crumble in despair?
Just what would it take
to turn this around
to just feel good
for some extended time?
I know
that it wears me down
mind, body, emotions
create, the hurt, the frown.
Searching how
to turn my life around
Searching now
My life needs turning around.


2 thoughts on “The Struggle

  1. Peter… wow… this is so perfectly expressed. As ever, I’m sad that you feel this way but in awe of your ability to express yourself. I’ve not been around long but it feels to me that in the short time I’ve known you you’ve grown even better at expressing these difficult thoughts and emotions?


  2. Thanks Pooky, this was a big tap into just what I’m feeling at the moment, just need to work out how to deal with it now.
    It is likely that with the more recent increased frequency of my writing efforts I am developing more. That is quite difficult for me to gauge personally, so thankyou for sharing that observation. This past week my thoughts have also been to how I got started writing and how have I progressed. So rather serendipitous that you brought this up.
    Now you’ve set off inspiration for another blog post, incoming…


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